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Smudge Stick Set w/ Stone Bowl

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The Earth Home Smudge Stick Set includes three smudge sticks - Yerba Santa, California White Sage, and Mugwork - and a stone smudging bowl. 

YERBA SANTA is known to be a sacred herb used for its healing powers. It is traditionally used as a smudge or incense for protection and purification. It also has a history of being used as an offering on altar spaces. Approx. 4-5" long.

CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE sticks are approximately 3- 4" long. Each bundle is wild-crafted and hand tied. White sage is commonly used for purifying spaces. 

MUGWORT (OR BLACK SAGE) sticks are traditionally used for cleansing and purifying. The top of the leaf is a dark green and the underside is a silver white. Approx. 4-5" long.

WHITE STONE BOWL This stone bowl is perfect to use as a smudge pot perfect for burning sage, incense cones, charcoal, or other botanicals. Made in India. Approx. 4" diameter.