** 5% of your purchase goes to FENG SHUI FOR THE PLANET to help create better living spaces for a better planet **


I absolutely love this smudge spray! The fragrance is just beautiful! I own a spa and frequently use this to clear my space of negativity. It really works, and my clients love the smell!

Wonderful product for those who want to clear their work space or help others to clear their space and for areas that a smudge stick is not practical. It's very light natural fragrance is non-offensive and there are no added perfumes to irritate the scent sensitive."

"I'd been looking for a smudge spray for several years. Found it!! I spritz it into the air, and walk into the mist, and, if even only for that one moment, I feel whole again."


Earth Home Co. was founded by Tisha Morris with the mission to bring more consciousness to our planet through our spaces. As a professional space clearer, energy healer, and feng shui author, she wanted a formula as powerful as burning sage without the smoke residue to provide a cleaner way to clear spaces. The Smudge Spray® was formulated with this intention and has been used in thousands of homes, businesses, offices, and hospitals to lighten the energy in our spaces and on our planet. For more information, visit www.earthhome.tv.

5% of all proceeds go to Earth Home's Feng Shui for the Planet to help create better living spaces for a better planet. For more information on the amazing projects underway, visit www.fengshuifortheplanet.org